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Greetings esteemed reader — I’m so genuinely glad that you’re here!

Going on over a decade now, Yours Truly has operated outside the scope of what traditional publishers deem to be printable or prizeworthy. Is that just another way of saying that such works are illegible and terrible? Well, I’ll…

Tome of The Sixth Sun | Lunacy Trilogy | Book III

Photo by Vino Li on Unsplash

The Siege of Medyuh Concludes

Banneret Zœyh shuffled silently down a narrow alleyway by the light of a fragmented moon. She was accompanied by Zapphoh, as well as a small band of Barbary Bards. Out of necessity, their army had split into many smaller contingents. Empress Atharvanh had put bounties on all their heads, and…

Tome of The Sixth Sun [Lunacy Trilogy Book III]

Photo by Matin Tavazoei on Unsplash

1. The Siege of Medyuh Continues

Banneret Zœyh surveyed the smouldering battlements through binoculars after her army’s first round of artillery fire died down. Grand Master Zymonh Maguz had furnished the Barbary Bards with plenty of heavy duty weaponry for this campaign. Zœyh saw some movement upon the ramparts which had weathered their initial onslaught. A…

Obsidian Eagle

An Anti-Poet (in a style akin to Nicanor Parra) plus an Indie Author of META-Fiction. Dark Starseed. Extreme Linguaphile. Toltec Scribe; Herald of Quetzalcoatl.

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