Act One: Nativity of an incarnate deity

Mesoamerican Pyramids
Image Courtesy of Shutterstock (used with license)

Welcome esteemed reader. Prepare to embark with Yours Truly on a brand new adventure gleaned from timeless Toltec tales.

Today we’ll retell the archetypal god king’s birth.

Do note that for artistic reasons, some character names have been changed. Historical place names remain the same. Anyway, without any delay, let’s begin the journey.

Year of The Tenth House

When the ageless sage Huemanh had reached the zenith of temporal power here on Earth, he ascended to the top of Tollan’s tallest pyramid and espied among the Astros, many signs of things yet to come. …

An exposition of ‘listings’ and their various uses in literature

List of objects in this picture: Solar Disc Decor, Eyeball Mirror, Map of Stockholm, Sculptural Bust, Tins, Tray, Table, Wall, and A Book whose cover reads: I Have A Plan.
Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels (Suggestion: List every item visible in this image).

As writers, most if not all of us are well versed in the usefulness of putting together a good list. Whether we’re talking about a to-do type of checklist or a set of technical guidelines, the nuts and bolts of these things are rather straightforward even to anyone who writes very little. This however, will be no ordinary ‘listicle’. Instead, the author is going to try taking a literary tack on the whole topic.

I must admit that part of my impetus stems from friends asking such thoughtful questions as: “What’s with the long list of names on page so…

Do you dream in Technicolor‽

Photo by Benjamin Behre on Unsplash

Seriously though — have you ever stayed in bed for a little while longer just to contemplate the complexity of your last dream before getting up? If so, you’ll know as the author knows, that it can be enough to flummox your waking mind and stir the depths of your very soul!

On a cold winter night, I dreamt of a sunny summer day. Together with my significant other, we rode bicycles across a bridge overlooking one of North America’s great lakes. The opposite shore was nowhere in sight, but when we cast our glances downward, we saw that there…

Yes, when it comes to lucid dreams I subscribe to the methods described by Carlos Castaneda throughout his books (particularly in The Art of Dreaming). I would also recommend Robert A. Monroe's Journeys Out of The Body.

Lunacy Trilogy Book III [Atemporal Instalment]

It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it dear readers? For any author, inspiration comes and goes; the writer writes and (hopefully) their audience reads. Part of Yours Truly’s methodology is lying patient and silent in wait, letting the story to work itself out. Sometimes a little break and bit of distance are just what one needs to come up with a clearer idea of where we might want to take our material. So today, after a period self-imposed silence, Obsidian Eagle takes flight once again into fictive realms most sublime!

RECAP: Previously, Reddest Orkh’s main Dæmon army rendezvoused with their…

And the spirit of the writ.

Photo by ev on Unsplash

Occasionally Obsidian Eagle enjoys borrowing terminology from Legalese — in order to invert its meaning by way of subversive verse. If you’re fairly familiar with litigation, then you’re probably aware there’s a distinction drawn between what’s called the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law. We won’t be going into much detail regarding those here because this isn’t exactly an essay. So the following Anti-Poem is an attempt at (and perhaps succeeds in) turning said dichotomy upon its head. If anyone is curious, the rhyming scheme is another invention of Yours Truly: a ‘dodecad’ comprising twelve similar…

A Multilingual Composition

The Tower of Babel reaching into the clouds
The (Little) Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel The Elder — Public Domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.

Etymology (tracking the origins of words) and general Linguistics have always been primary interests for Obsidian Eagle. Being a bit of a polyglot probably has something to do with that. Today Yours Truly presents an original poetic piece pertaining to those aforementioned topics. Additionally, there’s a running theme, which underpins this whole working. That is namely: synesthesia — or the mixing up of sensations between different senses. The author hopes that such a semantic pincer maneuver may stimulate the higher neural centers of its readers. Now without further pre-text…


The fallen cannot reconcile the crude with the Supreme

Nor recognize…

From New Year’s Eve to Yesteryear

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Author’s Note: This short story was originally published on Jan 31st 2019 by ReedsyPrompts (Contest #22). This is an updated edition.

Ida Termagant couldn’t believe how unlucky she was. She’d cried herself to sleep on an antique sofa at her grandmother’s house cradling a copy of The Great Gatsby. She was all gussied up in vintage vestments but had nowhere to go. Her boyfriend Tommy had called just before midnight to bail on her, so Ida never made it to his retro themed New Year’s Eve party. Possibly the worst timing for a breakup (aside from someone’s birthday).

Ida was…

Hybrid Theory Anti-Poetry

A cat-headed bird
Image by Krefe from Pixabay

Sometimes a ‘seed word’ or associative idea provides enough inspiration for an adjective to flow into adverb…


Hello stranger; hope you enjoyed the opening act

Though there simply was no way to come through intact.

Disdain is the name of our game

Which many deign to disclaim.

Oh you don’t understand? Then for God’s sakes feign!

If this pisses you off, well that’s just fine.

Sorry if such statements sound altogether terse

But here we’re totally incapable

Of composing any _____ verse

{ & U could always do worse }

Ten year warm-up jumped the gun upon head start


A tale of two ‘indies’

Confessional Sign
Photo by Shalone Cason on Unsplash

There are many reasons why a writer might choose to take the risky route of self-publishing. Today Yours Truly will open up and share some of the trials and tribulations that he’s experienced throughout ten years going-at-it alone. This is done in the hopes that it might help those debating whether or not to seek out a traditional publisher for their manuscripts. Although some statements here may have a plaintive tone, no accusatory finger will be pointed at any specific self-pub press, seeing as honest authors ought to take responsibility for their choices.

1. Methods

I published my debut book [The Soma…

Obsidian Eagle

An Anti-Poet (in a style akin to Nicanor Parra) plus an Indie Author of META-Fiction. Dark Starseed. Extreme Linguaphile. Toltec Scribe; Herald of Quetzalcoatl.

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